Entry #1

My Newgrounds beginnings

2016-12-11 05:41:57 by Nonorama

Well hello there fellow people of Newgrounds!

I finally wanted to start a channel for my creations, especially for my animations. I figured Youtube as a first choice, but Newgrounds seemed to be more of the birthplace for animation and the right home. I remembered it from my teenage years, looking for fun stuff and wanted to see if it still exsists AND BOUM! There it was. 

So eventually I decided to make this a friendly co-exsistence of NG and YT. 
But I am more hyped to be finally part of the Newgrounds community.

Let's see where this account will take us and what kind of stuff will end up on this page :)





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2016-12-12 05:35:20

Welcome to this ancient realm :)

Nonorama responds:

Hey exo!

Yeah. Figured I might finally not only be an outside watcher, but be part of it :)


2016-12-13 04:42:16


Nonorama responds:

Thanks for the greeting :)


2016-12-20 08:03:07

Hello there to you too fellow new Newgroundian Nonorama! Glad you found your way here (IOW welcome), and I must say the artistry's off to an impressive start too!

Nonorama responds:

Thank you :)
I hope to finish my animations during Winter holidays as well.